One minute of excitement

Dazzling speed, adrenaline, perfect command of the car, passion for racing, drive for perfection, following dreams – all that and more in a promotional clip from Kacper Nadolski, one of the leading karting drivers in Poland, whose goal is to make it to F1 and measure up to its greatest champions.

– Karting is a spectacular competition, not appreciated enough in Poland, though. Very lively, full of unexpected turns of events. Karting is where all biggest champions of Formula One started. Kacper follows the same path. One of Poland’s most talented drivers, he has the passion and awareness that only hard work can help him achieve that goal – Kacper Nadolski’s manager, Jakub Ziębka, explains. – We decided to show all that in an attractive, short and vivid format of only one minute or so.

The video from September this year was filmed at WallraV Race Center in Zielona Góra. It covers shots from FPV racing drones. Drone footage courtesy of BeeCAM FVP. Kacper Nadolski’s voice track was recorded at Black Cat Studio, sound engineering by Robert Ostiak. Production design by studio 24fps.

You can download the clip from the website (Media tab).

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