Ferrari vs. go-kart. Watch the incredible drag drace!

Can a go-kart keep up the pace with a Ferrari F8 Tributo in a drag race? One of Poland’s most popular automotive youtubers, The Mike, and Kacper Nadolski, a professional karting driver competing for Poland in KZ2 category, wanted to find out. The outcome of the race was not as obvious as you might think…

The drag race in which a go-kart faced a sports car was the first event of that type held in Poland. In mid-September, two vehicles showed up on the starting line of the Poznań Racing Track to compete on its longest straight section: a high-performance go-kart, competing in the Shifter Rok category, with 45 horsepower under the bonnet, and a  Ferrari F8 Tributo (720 HP). The go-kart was driven by Kacper Nadolski, representing Poland in professional karting competitions, and The Mike, one of Poland’s most popular automotive youtubers, was behind the wheel of the Ferrari.

At first glance, it would seem that a go-kart just can’t keep the pace against a Ferrari. The start of the race turned out differently, however. Kacper Nadolski got off to a quick start and only after some 150 metres did the Ferrari manage to overtake him, and then stretch the lead. The winner of the race did not expect at all that the kart would make it so hard for him to win.

“That’s incredible! He shot off so fast! Unbelievable, no-one expected him to be on the lead for so long”, The Mike commented after the race.

“I knew my start would be good, but thought I would see the Ferrari’s tail pipes much more quickly”, Kacper Nadolski said. “I am happy with the race. I showed that my kart, modest as it may look, is a very fast vehicle. It comes as no surprise that karting competitions are the gateway to the big racing world. That’s where all top Formula One drivers started”.

Watch the go-kart vs. Ferrari drag race on The Mike’s YouTube channel:

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